Buying Guide for the Best Mattress Topper, Mattress Pad and Mattress Protector


Most people think mattress protectors like toppers; pads etc. are just needed to cover your mattress or bed. Well, it is only partly correct - every mattress does require a cover in order to protect it from general wear and tear. The right organic mattress toppercan do much more - protect your expensive mattresses from dander, dust, spills of pets, accidents, allergens and some even help your mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature for a good sleep at night.

Many people often buy a new wool mattress pad as they either want to increase the longevity of their mattress or because it makes their bed more comfortable and provide protection to mattress as well. Since it is impossible to put your huge mattress for wash, the waterproof wool mattress protectoris easily removable, so they can be washed at home and given for dry cleaning as well. A buyer needs to consider a few things when buying these mattress essentials online or from stores.

Here are important features to consider when buying new mattress protectors:

  • Size

When you decide to buy a new waterproof mattress protector,you need to find out the size of your mattress. Properly measure the dimensions (depth and size) of your mattress before shopping. It is absolutely essential to buy the mattress protector which fits and snugs the entire mattress, so that it gets maximum protection.

  • Comfort

Mattress protectors like wool mattress padare made of layered or thick fabrics, to add extra cushion, softness or comfort to the mattress's surface. The type of fabric as well as the knitting style may offer a plush finish along with texture and cushion, while knits like Wool Mattress Topper and jacquard keeps you warmer.

  • Features

It is necessary to determine several benefits that are important to you while choosing mattress protection. You can consider features such as cooling effects, waterproofing, prevention from early wear and tear, and guarding against harmful bedbugs etc. Hypoallergenic pad and organic mattress topperare ideal for people who are sensitive sleepers, as they might be allergic to some pesticides and chemicals, dust mites or fabrics.

  • Breathability

People, who prefer cooling experience while sleeping, choose a good mattress pad which allows your mattress to breathe well. This guarantees the following - efficient airflow, provides cooler sleep at night, and prevents heat from getting trapped. Mattress protectors having polyurethane waterproofing allows cooling and better airflow as compared to vinyl ones.

  • Warranty

When you are buying new mattress protectors, ensure these products have a solid and genuine manufacturer's warranty. Mostly the ideal warranty lasts for 5-10 years and even covers defects due to manufacturing problems. Once you bought the mattress protector, ensure to read the warranty well, and follow all the care instructions as mentioned on the product label.

  • Easy to maintain & Wash

Since all mattress protectors are mainly designed to protect against stains, spills and other mishaps, it is essential that the cover of your mattress can be removed and washed. Regular washing of your mattress protector can help to keep your bed sanitized, clean and odorless as well.

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